Endermologie and Other Salon Treatments for Cellulite

Many beauty salons and spas now offer a variety of treatments that all promise to eliminate cellulite. Some seem better than others, but all require regular maintenance treatments.

One treatment was developed in France some 12 years ago and involves the use of a massage machine that was originally produced to give deep massage to injured horses. A side effect of the massage on the horses was noticed – smooth skin – and someone with an eye for an opportunity patented the machine for use on cellulite.

The Endermologie® machine works by exerting a gentle vacuum on the skin. The skin is sucked up into a chamber where it is massaged to encourage the break down of the underlying fat allowing it, together with excess fluid and toxins, to be carried away by the blood and lymphatic systems.

The treatment takes approximately 40 minutes and involves the client changing into what can only be described as a body stocking of white gauze like material before lying on a bed and being treated by the machine wielding therapist. If it hurts, the suction is too strong and needs to be reduced.

The effects do seem to be impressive although regular treatments are required for maintenance. This can be both time consuming and costly.

A cellulite body wrap is another salon option (although the determined can probably achieve this treatment at home with a bit of lateral thinking).

Many claims are made for the effectiveness of body wraps including that they will tighten skin, treat dermatitis, reduce size (inches), banish cellulite and eliminate toxins. They certainly seem to do all of these things – temporarily.

The process of having a body wrap usually involves undressing completely and donning a pair of unflattering paper knickers before being covered in whatever substance that particular salon promotes. Sometimes this will be a marine type gel, others use a clay based substance and some use a mix of Dead Sea minerals.

The body is then effectively mummified – the therapist envelopes every part in bandages. Sometimes these bandages are presoaked in another solution to assist with the drawing out of impurities.

Some body wrap systems wire the client up to a machine that emits a low current to stimulate circulation and elimination even further. This apparently feels like an army of ants walking up your extremities.

The client is usually left, sometimes under a heated blanket, for anything up to 90 minutes for the wrap to work its magic. Once the treatment time is over the bandages are removed and, depending on the nature of the treatment substance used, the excess may need to be showered off before dressing and going home.

Once again there appears to be no doubt that this treatment offers an immediate improvement in the tone and appearance of the skin and inches are indeed lost. However, the effects are once again temporary and repeated treatments are required to keep problems at bay.